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Nuzzera is supported by Google Digital News Initiative, the European Union and the DB mindbox.

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Receive news from freelance journalists who publish independently on Nuzzera, supplemented by content from established and local newspapers.

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Nuzzera gets to know your interests, proposes personalized content, but also knows that you want to be well informed.

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Team & Supporters

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Business & Technical
Product Manager

Janine Perkuhn


User Experience &
Product Designer

Alexandru Popa


Data Scientist &
Machine Learning

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert

Professor for AI &
Machine Learning


Design Thinking


Strategic Designer

Nuzzera is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund within the EXIST program.

The idea behind Nuzzera

What's the idea?
Nuzzera is a central news platform that offers freelance journalists the opportunity to publish articles directly and independently. At the same time, we aggregate content from established news houses and local newspapers. The resulting variety personalizes Nuzzera with the help of machine learning to deliver articles to the right reader. We are striving for a development in cooperation with journalists, in order to train our algorithm not just for click-bait optimization, but for balanced reading behaviour and diversity of opinion.

What does Nuzzera offer readers?
Nuzzera offers readers the highest possible diversity of news that interest the individual - in one place. We respond to the individual needs of our readers and continuously evaluate implicit feedback. Our algorithms support the reader in both broadening his or her political perspectives and developing his or her reading ability. Nuzzera puts the reader at the centre of attention and focuses on the best possible reading experience.

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